Friday, August 2, 2013

Phantom 9 Racing Sets a Rebuild Course | – Powerboating Online

Rewind. It’s early July at one of the biggest races on the Super Boat International circuit—the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix—which draws top teams from around the planet. For Superboat Vee Class contenders Mark Niemann and Kurt Jagel, racing at this Sarasota venue added highly-fueled ingredients to an already competitive mix: winning back-to-back wins in Niemann’s hometown, as well as garnering consecutive National championships.

The day was designed for racing as Niemann and Jagel took the green flag, powered their Phantom 9 Racing ahead and within minutes into the first round, grabbed a commanding 10 second lead over one of the most competitive classes on the course.

They were running hard and according to owner/driver Mark Niemann they were “perfectly dialed in.” Then Niemann said “a split second” changed everything and  dramatically shifted their course from racing to rebuilding. The photos and video are worth far more than a 1,000 words as they capture the 30’ Phantom Speedster blasting through a series of waves as its outdrive transom plate broke, then the drive snapped to the left and knocked-off the trim tab.  More; Phantom 9 Racing Sets a Rebuild Course | – Powerboating Online
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